INFJ vs. Social Media

“I came. I saw. I made it awkward.”

A few years back, I took a personality test called Myers-Briggs and found out that I’m a rare personality type called an INFJ held by less that 1% of people who’ve taken the test. It stands for (I)ntroversion, I(N)tuitive, (F)eeling, (J)udgement. People with personality type enjoy quiet time alone, perceive patterns, prioritize people and feelings, and thrive on structure and order. That, you might already know.

What people may not know is that INFJs really like people but find socializing emotionally draining.

We get over overwhelmed by our emotions at times which can lead to anxiety.

We’re drawn to odd things, which can lead to alienation because we’re perceived as weird.

We put others before our own needs…at our own expense. We’re over-thinkers and highly sensitive. We’re the rarest personality type, so we pretty much always feel like outsiders.

In spite of all this, we desperately want to make a difference in the world….without actually going out into the world. It’s a battle we constantly fight, this desire to be social, followed by waves of sometimes crippling introversion. On the upswings, we venture out amongst society and mimic the social patterns of others because “people-ing” doesn’t come natural to us.

So what does this mean for writers with this personality type?

Well, in this new age of publishing, writers are expected to have a presence on all forms of social media: YouTube, Instagram, you name it. This goes against every fiber of an INFJ’s being. If we had a choice, we’d choose to be the hermit writer, working by candlelight in an attic in a secluded mountain cabin. We don’t mind the label of “mysterious.”

These days, publishing doesn’t want mystery. It wants celebrity.

I’m working on it. Trust me.

At this point, I’ve tried everything except video. That is next on my list. The question is: will this INFJ succeed?

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