A Single Blade of Grass: How to Grow Your Idea Into a Story

I did a writing exercise in my daily writing journal about a single blade of grass. I was supposed to pick one, examine it, and then describe its characteristics. A simple descriptive exercise.

But I was in a bad place yesterday morning…

So instead my journal entry went something like this: “At this moment, I feel like a tiny, insignificant piece of grass. I know each blade plays an important role, but grass never stands out as an individual. It never goes on to bigger and better things. A blade of grass looks and acts like everyone else. It’s not exceptional, not talented. It lives its entire existence underfoot and then dies, easily forgotten.” And so on and so forth.

Today is a new day!

I looked over my list of possible blog ideas and thought about how I could link my journal post to one of the topics, sow something verdant from the bleakness of yesterday. My eyes scanned the list and one idea stood out: How to Grow Your Idea Into a Story. Perfect! All of a sudden, I’m a character in a book. I’m at the point where all seems lost, yet hope is on the horizon. Books start off in one of two places: Character is at a high point and everything is about to come crashing down before finally achieving happily ever after, or character is at a low point and everything is about to get sorted out…eventually.

Character Growth = Story Growth

Characters hold the key to a great story. Readers need someone to root for and identify with. I’ll give you a hint: it’s not going to be someone who has it all figured out and whose problems are easily solved. Life is full of ups and downs. The best writers are the ones who are able to channel that into something amazing.

Who knows if I’ll ever find my happy ending. Real life isn’t always book perfect. But like my characters, I will except the challenge, go on the journey, make friends and enemies along the way, find my mentors and allies, and never stop until my quest is fulfilled.

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