Social Media Marketing Notebook

Yesterday, I mentioned using a social media marketing notebook as I’m learning the ropes. My brain isn’t trained to know what to post where at what time.

Here’s a little tour of resources gathered from my BFF, Pinterest.

On the inside flap, I’ve attached 3 different charts. The one on top explains what kind of material to post on each of the five main platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. I don’t use LinkedIn or Google+. The other two calendars breakdown what content should be posted by day of the week and the best times of day for each.

The inside pages are setup by month, and they have nifty pockets for holding photo and social media challenges. Let’s face it, an awkward INFJ like me needs a more specific plan than just “family fun on Friday on Instagram.” I actually need a specific photo to take. Having social anxiety is a challenge when it comes to social media.

Finally, a writer’s gotta know what hashtags to use because the strange ramblings that bubble up in my mind just won’t cut it. On the back flap, I’ve attached popular hashtags by topic and by days of the week.

While we’re on the subject of hashtags, I’ve created a few for the socially inept like me to use (or not) as we stumble along this marketing journey:







And now you know why I don’t create my own hashtags. Peace.

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